NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc.

NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc., located in Lindenhurst, New York, has over 8,000 customers utilizing our solvent distillers and cleaning systems. They include all levels of government agencies, all branches of the military, defense contractors, printers, all disciplines of manufacturing, automotive, woodworking, and more. These customers range in size from small shops to Fortune 100 companies and depend on our expertise to help them find waste solvent recovery solutions that will work for their unique organizations.

The common thread with these companies is the desire to reduce waste and re-use expensive solvents while protecting the environment using the latest in solvent recycling units. The ability to connect our unique, customizable washing systems with time tested solvent distillation equipment makes NexGen the industry leader in waste solvent handling solutions. We offer many different types of solvent distillers as well as cleaning systems.

See more informaiton on solvent reycyling or view our catalog to find out more about solvent recycling equipment. Contact us today so that we can assist your organization in reducing its EPA exposure.

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